"BD is a registered therapy dog. He received all of his training exclusively from Amy, and it is because of her I am able to have a better quality of life and be accompanied by my best friend everywhere I go.

When you attend training at Paws On with Ms. Jacobsen, you're learning just as much if not more than your pet. I've never left a class with unanswered questions even if it means running a few minutes over. In addition, being able to call or send a message to her between classes is an invaluable resource.

Her character is impeccable, and she truly is the only person I trust enough that I'd leave my dog with."

Gabe Brown



"Amy is extremely patient, knowledgeable about dog behavior, compassionate, and reassuring for both by wife and myself as well as for Rusty. We found her methods based on positive reinforcement and encouragement rather than aggressive,forceful, behavior training. This is why we selected her.

Her technical skills and style, in our opinion, are the best we've seen and this is our third golden that we've sought professional training for. We would highly recommend Amy to anyone who wants happy, social, and well behaved companion."

Gary and Judi Barr



"Our German shepherd puppy, Bella, was quite a handful: very head strong and stubborn. With Amy's 'Paws On' approach to dog training she has turned into a much calmer and gentler dog. Our Bella is well on her way to becoming a Canine Good Citizen thanks to Amy. We highly recommend Paws On Dog Training. As of August 2010, Bella has successfully passed the CGC test becoming a Certified Canine Good Citizen and Certified Therapy Dog."

Darlene & Ken Laurita



"Maggie has never been good with children and would nip and bark around them. I found out I was pregnant with our first baby and needed to have Maggie trained to be around the baby. Amy was completely hands on and worked with us and Maggie to ensure that she would be accepting and controlled around the baby. Amy had Maggie's best interests at heart and wanted to train her in a way where she was comfortable and free of her anxiety. She helped her adapt to change slowly and since the birth of our daughter, Maggie is completely calm and accepting. I cannot thank Amy enough for transitioning Maggie and helping ease the anxiety of both her owners, the baby and Maggie. I would recommend her to anyone bringing a new baby into the home."

Lisa Buckley



"Sydney came to live with us when she was 8 weeks old from a breeder in Kansas. The breeder warned us that Sydney was exhibiting traits of being timid and may be difficult to adjust to a new home. The breeder was right. We then took Sydney to a local pet store where we met Amy. The way Amy approached Sydney the first time they met we knew we had to have her work with our dog. With Amy's training, today Sydney is a different dog. She is not afraid to meet people or other dogs and has become a very loving animal. Sydney is still somewhat cautious but now wants to go on her walks and explore.

Sydney's training will be ongoing and we could not think of anyone else but Amy to be her trainer. The right trainer means everything and Amy is the right trainer."

Lynn and Louis Alfano



{Sasha was adopted into a home with a dog aggressive English Bulldog, Beatrice. The clients were determined to ensure safe co-habitation amongst the two females}

"Everything is going great!!! I have a few photos for you with Missy B and Sasha sleeping in the same bed after breakfast!!! I still have them separated during prime time (eating, bone chewing, sleeping, etc.) but they are going to the park almost every day and riding in the car, which they both love. Both dogs now play in the yard with their tennis balls and play nicely. I always have treats on hand, just in case, but they are really playing and cohabiting nicely, all thanks to you and your help. We both appreciate what you did for our dogs and teaching us good structure for having well behaved pets!"

Lind and Phil Considine