a passion for communicating with people to better communicate with their four- legged friend.

In Home dog training

We constantly try to communicate with our dogs using only our language. In order to have a successful and rewarding relationship with our dogs we must learn how to communicate with them using their language as well. All too often, we find ourselves addressing problem behaviors after they occur. My approach is simple: learn how to create the behaviors you want and successfully address the ones you don’t.

I offer individualized training for dogs and their owners by offering a variety of training packages consisting of one hour sessions. These sessions are conducted in your home on your schedule. Each program is tailored to meet you and your dog's individual needs, using positive reinforcement methods. Before training begins, a ninety minute in home evaluation and consultation is requried to identify your dog's specific needs, temperament, goals, and present level of training. Immediate training needs will be addressed at this time. 

Common behaviors that can be addressed with in home training include:

• jumping • greeting visitors • mouthing/biting • walking on leash • sit • down • stay •

• come when called • leave it • drop it • 'go to bed' • house training • crate training •

Walk n' train

Practice makes perfect and consistency is key. Allow your trainer to help where you need it most: time.  Thirty minute visits in your home designated for a relief walk while improving the skills your dog needs most. This visit is for the dog and trainer only; the client need not be present. Available to all clients with training packages. Visits available two to three times per week. *Must live within 15 minutes of 08540.



      INITIAL CONSULT AND EVALUATION                $125   •  90 minutes

      package of five sessions                         $450  •  60 minutes 

      INDIVIDUAL SESSION                                    $100  •  60 minutes

      walk n' train visit*                                  $35   •  30 minutes


behavior modification FOR AGGRESSION/ FEAR/ ANXIETY

      INITIAL CONSULT AND EVALUATION                 $150  • 90 minutes

      package of five sessions                          $575  • 60 minutes

      INDIVIDUAL SESSION                                    $125  •  60 minutes


behavior modification for Multi-Dog household (based on two dogs)

      INITIAL CONSULT AND EVALUATION                 $175   •  90 minutes

      package of five sessions                          $700  •  60 minutes

      INDIVIDUAL SESSION                                    $150  •  60 minutes