Let's do this!

...with a little help, we can all have a happy, well-behaved dog.

let’s get real with
positive, relational, real world training

Let’s get real and have some fun teaching you and your dog how to communicate in the real world! Dog training is about communication and my approach is practical. It is communication among two species that do not speak the same language. The role of a dog trainer is to help bridge the communication gap. I help teach the human how to speak more ‘dog language’ and help the dog to learn more of our ‘human language.’ You want compliance from your dog and your dog wants to know what your expectations are. Let me guide you and your dog into a rewarding relationship built on understanding, compliance, and trust.

Amy Jacobsen is owner and operator of Paws On Dog Training, LLC in Princeton, NJ. Services are offered throughout Mercer and Somerset counties. Training begins the day you bring your puppy home. Full services range from housebreaking your puppy to basic manners such as greeting people and leash walking, mouthing and nipping, as well as behavior modification addressing fear, reactivity, and aggression.

Amy is motivated by creating rewarding relationships that are strengthened through proper education and training. Her goal is to provide the best training methods available to dogs and their humans. Strengthening the human-animal bond is her highest priority. She has a passion for communicating with people to better communicate with their four- legged friend.